On Writing “Terror Trip”

My novel Terror Trip has taken many years to complete. From its inception, to its execution and finally to publication. From the initial idea and its themes, to its diligent watering and tending, its budding and flowering and its slow growth and propagation. A novel is a hard task-master, one that demands rigour and imagination. The phrase or[…]

Inspiration for “Terror Trip”

  Terror Trip is original in its concept and unconventionally written and so I am not really sure how to categorise it, except to suggest it is a “literary thriller”. I do believe though, that like me, the reading public are open to a more ‘fluid’ genre of novel today.  It is the story of how[…]

Terror Trip : A novel of pure Zeitgeist

  My novel Terror Trip does not have a traditional narrative structure. It is written in an original way and is not so easy to slot into a defined genre as such. It is a very British suspense thriller which has themes surrounding the political Terror we face in the world today. This novel is[…]