Free Kindle novel of “Terror Trip” by Delaney Landon for two days only!

Free Kindle novel of Terror Trip by Delaney Landon is now available on Amazon from 26-27 Aug 2017. Below are extracts of reviews of this sensational debut novel. 

“If you have a thing for British Suspense novels, Terror Trip by Delaney Landon is for you. It is a gripping read and you will want to devour the pages to find out what happens to everyone you get to know in the story.”  Self-Publishing Review

Gabriel and his two friends clash with Nelson and his two companions as they share the same carriage on the London to Brighton train. However, later in the journey they are all confronted by a situation which poses a much bigger threat to everyone on the train. Each passenger in the carriage has a memory which surfaces as they face their fear. Gabriel suffers from crippling self-doubt, but he and his fellow passengers must overcome their personal demons and act together in the ensuing terrifying climax.

“A must read!!”, This is a deeply thoughtful look at today’s Britain”, “Ambitious effort and well done.” Amazon Reader Reviews.

Brilliantly Observed, Insightful, Provocative, Nail Biting, Challenging and Disturbing are just some of the descriptions of “Terror Trip” by Amazon reviewers.

Available for free:

From 26-27 Aug 2017.  Be sure to click on the link below to get your free copy. Because it is free to you, please do review it on Amazon, Goodreads and elsewhere. Please do let your friends know too. The link below is for Amazon UK, but it is available worldwide on Amazon for these two days only.

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