Terror Trip – Here is a flavour



Below are three excerpts from chapter one of  Terror Trip.

Gabriel is the protagonist and Jasmine is also one of the main characters. However, it is worth saying that in this novel all the other characters in the novel are just as important and therefore integral to the plot and the story.  Hopefully, it will whet your appetite and you will check it out on Amazon, where you can read more of the first chapter.  

From Chapter 1.    The following are excerpts from different pages in Chapter one and are not in consecutive order. These will just give a taste of three of the main characters.


“…That strange feeling on the back of my neck persisted, it was really creeping me out. I felt impelled to turn my head around to see. That’s when I caught them looking at us – a young Black guy with two teenage girls standing by one of the huge rounded pillars. One of them was Black and the other White girl was staring straight at us. Her face illuminated by the long strips of harsh blue fluorescent lights above the platform. She appeared to be talking about us to him with a look of hatred on her face which was made quite hideous by the distorted light casting shadows on her features. He was listening to her intently whist glaring over at us…”



“…Then, as he placed a cupped hand over his groin, clutching his ‘privates’ (Michael Jackson style) he rubbed himself very suggestively up close to the poor girl’s terrified face!     The girl then looked away, practically pulling her face down into her neck as she bowed her head into her chest. I almost couldn’t take my eyes off the centre parting on the top of her head; it had a jagged line of fine blond roots falling around her downcast face and cascading down onto her narrow shoulders. I thought I detected the slightest shudder in her round shoulders as he stood over her and carried on with his salacious comments. Then he started to stroke her hair and to take some of the tresses that fell over her face and pull them from her face back over one of her ears. That’s when I noticed a large gold ring in the shape of a treble clef musical symbol on his index finger. I saw her flinch as his fingers touched her.

He took no notice and was now rubbing his knees with both his hands whilst he bent down to talk to her, saying how much he liked her “look”. I for one couldn’t look anymore and turned away. I noticed that no one was looking, but carried on ignoring the scene being played out in front of our eyes. It was almost surreal because it happened so fast but was so scary. It almost felt like someone had suddenly slapped you in the face and you were so shocked and stunned you didn’t know how to react…”



“…Let me try to put things from my perspective. This is how I felt when it all kicked off just a few moments ago: My eyes are fixed on the red table in front of me. I sit transfixed by the deep red colour and the pattern of squiggly little lines just barely visible. I can keenly smell the sickly musty seats and feel the carpet under my feet. My hands are clasped on the table before me, clammy and sweaty fingers wrapped around each other; I glance at them on the red table and the squiggly pattern, my vision is at once sharp and then becomes blurred. I can hear the muffled voices of the people around me, but not their words.

Sitting opposite that girl – my mind racing, adrenaline coursing through me – every muscle tensing – my whole body coiled up ready to spring at that scum and beat the shit out of him! I want to rain down heavy blows onto his nasty little skull – “mash’’im up” to a bleeding pulp! My heart is beating so fast against my chest I am ready for murder! But then in that split second – confusion, fear and shame come flooding in…”

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